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New Paradigm

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"Today we are entering a new paradigm, that is, a new way of engaging in dialogue with all beings and their relationships is emerging. Obviously, the classical paradigm of science remains in place with its well-known dualisms, such as the division of the world into the material and the spiritual, the separation between nature and culture, human being and world, reason and emotion, female and male, God and world, and the atomization of scientific knowledge.

Nevertheless, the current crisis is prompting the development of a new sensitivity to teh planet as a whole, resulting in new values, new dreams, new behavior patterns, embraced by an ever-growing number of individuals and communities. Out of this growing sensitivity a new paradigm is emerging. It is still emerging, but it is beginning to make it presence felt. A new communication with the universe is now underway."

- Leonardo Boff, "Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor

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