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Creation · Centered · Spirituality

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"Holistic ecology involves a kind of activity and thought that includes and relates all beings among themselves and their environment from a perspective encompassing what is infinitely small (elementary energies and particles), what is infinitely vast (cosmic space), what is infinitely complex (life), what is infintely deep (the human heart), and what is infinitely mysterious (what existed before the big bang, the unlimited ocean of energy from which everything emanates - quantum vacuum, symbol of the creator God)."

                   -Leonardo Boff:  Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor

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Someone asked me yesterday what "creation-centered" spirituality was. More specifically..."How can you believe in Christ and say you are creation-centered?"

I must admit, I am not sure at this point that befief in "Chirst" is what we have been asked of by the path that holds Jesus's teaches as Truth. Jesus was Jesus. When the Romans confiscated his driver's license, it didn't say Mr. Jesus Christ. Simply, Jesus, son of Mary and Joseph of Nazareth, who just happens to be a Son of God. That, I can buy.

The very fact of divinity incarnating into physical form - into creation - says it all. For God So Loved the World. When we can take the teachings out of the antropocentrism that we humans seem to be steeped in, then we can see with a clearer vision that divinity is not the possession of humans, but is divine through all of creation. The two leggeds, four leggeds, winged, mineraled, spacious and flowing. Divinity permeates all that we are and can be aware of. Simple as that. It is not a complicated thing.

Creation-Centered is, at it's most basic, Divine-Centered. Many poeple, especially the younger among us, see this as the most natural state. Those of us who are older and were brought up within paradigmatic thinking that says patriarchy and "power-over" dominance is the only true way of relating to the universe are slowly waking up to the reality that this paradigm has had its day.

And there IS a waking up going on. One sees it all the time. And it is exciting. But it is also challenging.

How do we understand the oneness of ourselves and Divinity when we are taught that God is up there and we are down here - and in all aspects of human existance, "up there" is far superior. That notion is everywhere. Glass ceiling, house on the hill, head in the clouds, whatever... You get what I mean.

What we are realizing now is this way of thinking and being is old hat. It simply does not work anymore. Earth is teaching us that now. And there are many who are listening. And it is this listening that will change us and move us into the emerging paradigm. From the cenozoic to the ecozoic.

So many are seeing things differently these days and wondering why they don't seem to fit in. It is partly because they have one or both feet in the new way. To be honest, that gives me great hope. And as I hope, as many hope, so the earth also hopes. Because, we are earth. We are also divine. Jesus taught us that. "The Reign of God is within you". He taught us also that the Holy Spirit, our teacher, is within us. Not bad, huh.

So if there is any wondering about what creation-centered is all about, it is simply that we cannot be spiritual beings in a physical body without being creation-centered. It is simply "how it is". For that, I am grateful.
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To fully appreciate the natural world it is important to understand the fundamental forces comprising its immutable laws. There are four forces in all: gravity, electromagnetism, the "weak force", and the "strong force". But why are there four, and why do they differ fundamentally in character? Why is there not a single force which energizes the universe? Einstein spent his life in search of an elementary picture of the cosmos, a single underlying principle. "What really interests me," he wrote, "is whether God had nay choice in the creation of the universe." Einstein also observed, "...God is subtle, but malicious He is not." There must be in nature a certain beauty and symmetry which, while difficult to understand, in nonetheless marked by simplicity.

from: "Kabbalah, The Untold Story of the Mystical Tradition" by Kenneth Hanson, PhD

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"Today we are entering a new paradigm, that is, a new way of engaging in dialogue with all beings and their relationships is emerging. Obviously, the classical paradigm of science remains in place with its well-known dualisms, such as the division of the world into the material and the spiritual, the separation between nature and culture, human being and world, reason and emotion, female and male, God and world, and the atomization of scientific knowledge.

Nevertheless, the current crisis is prompting the development of a new sensitivity to teh planet as a whole, resulting in new values, new dreams, new behavior patterns, embraced by an ever-growing number of individuals and communities. Out of this growing sensitivity a new paradigm is emerging. It is still emerging, but it is beginning to make it presence felt. A new communication with the universe is now underway."

- Leonardo Boff, "Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor

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I started this for those wanting a place to explore and share about creation-centered spirituality. When I get home, and have access to my computer, I will upload more info and stuff. Meanwhile, feel welcome to be a part of this venture.
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